*Complete with blurry photo The ladies at By Hand London created this cool circle skirt calculator...

A 1/4 circle skirt made easy*

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*Complete with blurry photo

The ladies at By Hand London created this cool circle skirt calculator app for web use to help work out the measurements for a self drafted skirt for a full circle, half circle and quarter circle skirt.

Half and full circle skirts are everywhere on the web but I don't see many quarter circles.  It really is a very easy way to get a nicely fitted dartless a-line skirt, so I don't know why they are not made more often.  I guess when people think "circle skirt" they go for the full and fluffy appeal of the half or full circles. 

Anyhow, I've been meaning to make a quarter circle skirt for ages and decided to give the Circle Skirt Tool a test while I was at it.  I have this very lightweight 21 pinwale corduroy from fabric.com in stash that I was a bit meh about due to wrinkle factor so decided to use it as a test garment/wearable muslin to try out the 1/4 circle skirt on my body type.

You just enter your waist measurement into the tool, choose what type of circle skirt you want, choose the length you want and click "Do the Maths".  The tool them calculates the two radius measurements (waistline and hemline) and works out how much fabric you need.  For the quarter circle it calculates it as a single piece with only one centre back seam.  My measurement meant I could fit my skirt on a 43" length of standard 45" width fabric. 

A nice blurry photo of a 1/4 circle skirt.
So it was just a matter of sewing up the back seam, adding a zip (I used an 8" standard zipper in stash and used a lapped zipper method as I love that look).  I finished the waistband with a bias trim and finished the hem just by folding it over twice and machine stitching on the right side.  A very very easy and quick make.

The Circle Skirt Tool calculated accurately according to my measurements and the resulting skirt fits like a glove.  Just remember that if you want the skirt to have a bit of ease or sit a bit lower to adjust the waist measurement accordingly.

The corduroy has a nap though, a bit like velvet, so at the centre back seam one side is one side is on grain and the other side is cross grain, which makes the two sides look slightly different at the back.  Not enough to bother me for this make but next time I'll make sure I use a fabric where the grain or pattern direction doesn't matter.     

I've been on a skirt making frenzy the last couple of months as I have been rushing to repopulate my wardrobe with stuff that actually fits due to slight weight gain.  But I think I need to attend to making some nice tops - blouses and tees for a bit - so I have something me-made to wear with my skirts....


  1. I think this skirt looks really flattering on your figure. Thanks for the info on the circle skirt calculator.

  2. This is just so flattering. I think I might need to try one. Thanks too for the info on how you've finished the waist band.

  3. You're right - I think this is the first quarter circle skirt I've ever seen! It looks great - I love the kelly green!

  4. Thanks Gail. I'll be making some more of these methinks.

  5. Thanks Kirsty. I highly recommend. Sooooo easy.

  6. Thanks Jean. It is really flatttering. I highly recommend.

  7. love a simple A line skirt without too much fullness and this is just the ticket. Will check out the calculator - thanks for the heads up!


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